Ger Vloothuis

Telecommunications Engineer  -  Toowoomba  Queensland  Australia

Ger is a seasoned telecommunications practitioner, operating from Toowoomba in Southern Queensland, Australia, just about two hours West of Brisbane.  Ger is usually busy creating broadband networks for bandwidth-hungry communities.

Ger is involved in the design and deployment of cable television and fibre to the home systems for residential developments and rural communities. 

Ger also engages into fibre optic networks for airports, highways, industrial automation and utility projects.

If you have a fibre project in mind and can use a little help, call Ger for a chat on +61-408-379-233. 

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If you share an interest in cable television, community networks, hybrid fibre coax networks (HFC), fibre to the home (FTTH), telephony (TDM and VoIP), satellite systems, industrial automation, broadcast engineering, media production or all that belongs to it, please find me at my usual hangouts in Toowoomba.

If you are one of these Fidonet die-hards, love things like tinkering with email systems, unified messaging, wide area networking and the likes, call me some time.

If there is anything would like to discuss over a bottle of wine or some good Dutch coffee, please feel free to fire up your Instant Messenger and check if I am around for a chat.  You can find me usually on Skype, ICQ, MSN Messenger, Yahoo Messenger or Google Hangout.  Or  just ring or text.  My phone number is underneath.

If you would like to explore deeper grounds with me, take two Heineken and call me in the morning :-)

Meanwhile, may your icons remain green, and may your beepers remain silent!

Phone:   +61-(0)408-379-233